by yellowbirddd

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released November 11, 2011


album credits: yellowbirddd.com/credits

keep in touch! yellowbirddd@gmail.com


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yellowbirddd Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: when you're away
graceful fawn in the woods
the snapshots those hunters took
they break my heart

graceful steps to the train
in my chest beats this pain
it breaks my heart when you’re away
shameful sun behind the clouds
summer love kiss my mouth
afternoon please slow down

telephone what did you say?
connect the lines
try to fix this space
it breaks my heart
when you’re away

graceful coast
highway lane
leave a note
your words remain
they break my heart
when you’re away
Track Name: low shoulder
there’s a girl in the middle of the country
and she swears she loves me most
i’m just one more boy with a shaky voice
trying to chase those same old roads
but she says “slow down lover, you move too fast.
i don’t need another man stepping on my tracks.”

well i’m fortunate as ever never dreamt of better
now i’m just sore cause my heart was never really ready
to hold all of the things that i’ve adored about your body
the beautiful way you sing
when you’re gone i see you in everything

and i got a low shoulder
you should come over
rest your head right next to me
yeah pull over come on lover get closer
let me show your lonely heart some company

dark glass wine bottle
spring white flowers all in bloom
i haven’t touched a thing
since that morning you left my bedroom
i watched you go get on that plane
you think it might but life doesn’t feel the same

bicycle chain snags at you
like an old refrain up in your head
a melody plays for miles
lyrics beg to bring you back again
so pass that whiskey come on kiss me it’s summer time
when you’re gone i miss you every night

well i’m tired of empty handed love
yeah it’s a gift when you signal for my exit
back roads bring you back in the moment
i want you back in the moment
Track Name: photograph
that smile snuck across half your face
when all that pillow talk took place
and i fell in love
your hair tucked behind your ear

but when all bets are off
you fold before you feel the loss
before you’re exposed
and you know it

they never got us in a photograph
we weren’t around long enough for that

you’re playful like a toy piano
you could turn me on with just one look
but now i keep to myself
like the years before you knew how i felt
oh if i held you now
i’d never let time block it out

so hold me to the light
and tell me when it’s time
will you let me back inside
before i’m gone? before we’re gone?
Track Name: mutual friend
feels like an old flame
that i’m holding myself over
what am i looking for?
is it more than just closure?
i want to hear your voice
tell you of this pain
if it’s really going to end
i have to explain

so i’m calling you back again
cause we’ve got no mutual friend
to let you know this is eating me up
yeah i’m calling you back again
cause we’ve got no mutual friend
and i just haven’t said enough

so let the silence ring out
feel the hurt settle
maybe you decided
all of this was going to be simple
but i’m conflicted
like a witness that wants to take action
i can’t pretend like none of this shit ever happened

you going to let it all go bad?
well what’s all going on in your head?
all of the music was so lovely
all the words that we said
dial tone now i’m alone in my bed
Track Name: when January comes, we'll go to France.
she said “come back, it’s not what you think,
i have to be honest, it’s all i can give.”
i put my ear up to your bedroom door
felt my knees weak sunk to the floor

what do you do?
when it all ends?
turn off your heart?
i was thinking

we got too excited
such is life and young love
if it’s meant to be it’ll come back
in that much we can trust

we don’t talk nostalgic now
since i drove west out of your town
don’t look back sundays end
pull the sheets back on your bed

what does it do?
flashbacks run
in my head
won’t let sleep come
all of your clocks started ticking
i wasn’t there
to stop the feeling

“i am temporary.”
she tells me
“you don’t have to copy any keys.
i am temporary, i am not what you need.”
Track Name: missing
my heart was waiting in the wings
when my dreams flew out of my head
conversation leans to things we never said
so what’s the big idea you’re getting at now?
i still hold onto everything
like you’re still around

you don’t stay but you call me a catch
you say “love is a game
where you guess til’ you get it right.”

i was hanging by a thread
tied to the end of your bed
we left off so different
from the way that we started
i’m aimless but i can’t blame this on either of us
when you’re lonesome at the party
who are you thinking of?

what am i missing?
besides you
Track Name: second wind
i’m wondering if
your heart will catch a second wind
the breeze is blowing in

pale winter skin
you lay your dress out
cigarettes silent morning
smoke clouds

so tell me now
oh what should i do?
when i want to be great
for only you

oh why world?
when there is potential
lovers turn into ghosts

when the hurt is unintentional
is when it hurts
the most

i had a wet dream
of you bathing in this rhyme scheme
and you whispered
“my sweet, hell is a place i will never let you see.”
Track Name: if you're single
this is not how i act
no strings attached
i’m not disconnected enough
for a random hook up

cause this isn’t fair to either of us
cause I’m still not over her
this isn’t fair to you or i
but that’s not what i’m going to whisper

cause if you’re single
we can kiss
if you’re single
we’ll i’m sure there’s things you miss
but i’m not here for long
with my blank highway stare
i’m not here for long
so don’t think we’re going somewhere

is that your bedroom door handle
or my car window rolling down?
is that your voice all in my ears
or some pop song playing loud off in a club?
where it’s too dark for love
well darling i think this is dark enough

well i guess this is better for my arts and crafts
i guess it’s better all along
she broke my heart into a million pieces
i’m going to turn them into songs
i guess this is better for my art my craft
i guess it’s better all along
she broke my heart into a million pieces
now i’m singing you these songs
Track Name: appear
the most beautiful thing
you’ve ever known
turns into records you can’t listen to
and places you can’t go

and the movie scenes
and the songs
just make you sad

something you once had

why am i waiting here?
you never appear

what did i think would happen?
what did i think i’d see?
what did i think would bring you to me?
Track Name: bare bones love
when i told you i loved you
i had no intention to stop
you were more than just a picture
lit up on my desktop

but now the world is getting smaller
and i’m losing track of the days
and you’re the hardest thing to replace

are you happy in texas?
are you happy alone?
i think you should come home

and we’ll make bare bones love
but will it feel real enough?
i cannot say
you should come over
we’ll figure it out anyway

so now i’m crossing the country
and the air is getting cold
and you’ll grow your hair longer
it’s those little things
that make you irresistible

so leave your clothes in a pile
and crawl into my bed
i’ll keep you safe

well i don’t bring up this heartache
i wait for friends to ask now
i tell them about this nostalgia
and how it all went south
i’ll miss the coffee talk
and the rainy day sex

when we made that bare bones love
and it felt real enough
to make you stay
it didn’t seem like anything could change

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